The Plan: Protect Your Life Savings & Earn Passive Income with Crypto

What is The PLAN?

The Plan by Dan Hollings

The Plan by Dan Hollings was designed to help investors create automated bots that can make hundreds of trades a day and profit from volatility in market. In six months, Hollings’ bots have outperformed student bots, proving that this system really works. The plan consists of 8 synchronous online training sessions, where Hollings personally answers students’ questions. You can also access the member’s only site, which contains recordings of previous trainings and additional how-to guides.

The automated bots that Dan uses to trade are pre-programmed to execute many tiny moves continuously, day and night. Crypto AI bots are set to buy and sell dozens, if not hundreds, of times a day, the kind of performance that no human could possibly do. With a system like this, you are sure to make a profit on every sell order. It is literally like having an army of A.I. bots working for you. The bots can even be reprogrammed/regrided to make trades when they are not performing as expected.

Download Free PDF Crypto Trading Report “The Wiggle Factor”

The PLAN Wiggle Factor PDF Download

The “Wiggle Factor” is an important part of Dan Hollings’ crypto strategy. He says it’s based on the “Wiggle Factor” and has consistently generated significant profits for his investors. His premium training program, The Plan, teaches you how to capitalize on micro-fluctuations in crypto to make money automatically. This system works even in volatile markets, making it a great way to invest in crypto.

The Plan is only available on the official website. Don’t purchase it anywhere else. The program’s scammers often take advantage of the trust of their clients and customers. To prevent frauds, The Plan is only available on the official website. You can learn everything you need to know in this webinar. You can also learn how to earn money online and develop passive income streams. The Plan is a powerful course for cryptocurrency traders looking to earn a good living online.

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