The Flower of Life Meaning

The Flower of Life is the name of the ancient symbol of overlapping circles that can be displayed or visualize either in 2D or 3D. The meaning of the Flower of Life symbol is the whole creation of life and everything around us in the universe.

The ancient ancestors and civilizations of every single continent on Earth had the exact same symbol, which has been documented in many archeological findings and kind of suppressed by the society.

From the geometrical point of view, the Flower of Life symbol is one of the top symbols of Sacred Geometry, containing every single geometric shape that you could imagine.

So to assume that the Flower of Life meaning is the All creation of Life. The symbol is very popular in the spiritual circles of free minding and spiritual people, some of the old temples and tribes of particular continents, and finally the SCIENCE! all over the powerful knowledge of flower of life.