10 Things You Should Do When You Start A New Blog

Many of the internet users are now turning bloggers and many of them are using WordPress as the most favorite platform on the web. Now I am considering that you know all the basics of building blog & installing WordPress and giving you some quick advice on 10 things you should do when you start a new WordPress blog to get the attention of Search Engines.

Note that these all things will lead you to quick indexing in search engines as well as build the base ground for your future SEO plans.

SEO For New Blog

1. Make sure your website/ blog is completely done – This is very important before you start bragging about your new blog and submit your blog on web anywhere. Check all the header, footer, sidebar, content, ads, images are displaying perfectly and there are no error pages at all. If there are any – Clean them first.

More clean the site is,  faster it loads – You’ll get more preference in SEO for search engines, especially Google. This will get you higher SERP !

2. Submit your site to Google & other Search engines – You have to Submit the website URL to Google first, and then you can proceed submitting to some more important search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Keep a text file with Website URL, Description & Title, So you can easily copy them to add url pages.

Search Engines should know that your blog/website/pages exists, right ?

3. Create & Verify your Site on Google Webmasters Tools – First you make account on Google Webmasters Tools, and submit your site here. You can verify it by adding meta tag on the wordpress header.php file. This is very essential because you can track errors, features and tools from Google to take care of your website.You can also use Yahoo & Big webmasters tools for more visibility.= in other search engines.

It will also add some SEO value to your blog (That also from Google.com)

4. Submit Your Site to Google Analytics – If you are not aware, it is a must have free service by Google to check your traffic statistics for any blog or website. You’ll get in-depth analysis for your website traffic, what they are liking and what not.

Google Analytics Website

By using Analytics you can get information about how much time is user spending on your website, where they come from and much more. This will help you optimize the site for more traffic and exposure from search results.

5. Create Facebook Page & Google+ Pages for your blog/website for Fans – You can create Facebook fan pages or Google+ Pages for fans to subscribe. Now more fans you have, chances are more your articles and website get shared around the web. Exposure from fan page attracts many inbound links for the blog. You will also get backlinks from pages itself.

And hey, make sure you add FB fans / Google+ user fans Badge on your website !

These backlinks from fan pages or virally marketed articles are way to more valuable, which you get without any investing. You can auto post on Facebook using some apps and it will work automatically forever !

6. Twitter/Youtube Acounts For Backlinks – Twitter is one of the most used microblogging site where you can make an account for your new blog and add a your URL/web address to its profile description. Like FB you can auto post your blog article here too !

If you do create video content for your blog/website, you can have an Youtube account and add website links in each video description.

These backlinks are from very authority websites, will help you go up in terms of SEO as well as make some free branding for your blog. It will also add some daily traffic to your blog & Everybody loves traffic.

7. Submitting your articles to Social Bookmarking Sites – There are loads of Social bookmarking sites right now but you can only choose 2-3 of them for submitting your best of articles, killer articles to those sites. They will add some backlinks for free to your site and can give you thousands of visitors if your article can reach their homepage.

Some sites I recommend are Digg.com, StumbleUpon.com, Reddit.Com, Del.icio.us

8. Make Blog Friends/ Partners -People around web will only know you if you try to connect with them. See if you can find some local bloggers, share with them, learn from them. If not, You can make friends online and get in touch with other bloggers/webmasters. Chances are more they will share your website, articles with their fans and readers. You can also share back links if they have very related blogs to your niche.

9. Headspace 2 or All-in-one SEO Plugins – Both of these plug ins for WordPress have their different advantages and proven to be one of the most useful and most used ones. Make sure you take more information about Headspace 2 or All in One SEO and see what suites your blog/website.

You must install one of them to get almost 90% of your on page SEO done very well thanks to these Free plug-ins. You can find them in WordPress plugins database.

10. Write Original Content, Link Baits & Give Value to Readers – This is most important factor for any blog to succeed in terms of traffic, SEO, making money and gaining trust of readers. You can only get it when you write extremely unique and valuable content for readers.

Link baits will help you in getting Viral marketing of your articles and get some tons of valuable backlinks too. So read more about them and understand how it works.

If you try hard to give users more valuable content, research and make it better for them to get knowledge chances are more that you will succeed any every manner. I hope these 10 Things You Should Do When You Start A New WordPress Blog For SEO will help you setting up base ground for future SEO. Do share it, like it and comment to let us know what you think about these tips. Also if you have some strategy of your own, share it with us !

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